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Strategic options review

Service overview

As businesses grow they frequently reach transition or inflexion points. Experience suggests that these arise as the needs of the business become misaligned with the skills, competencies, motivation and energy of the current management team, and/or where the entrepreneur simply needs a change. Comentorise provide an independent review of business and strategic options to help the business negotiate the transition and continue up the growth curve. Typically, this service is associated with exit reviews when the stakeholders need to determine whether they are “exit ready”

The Service

The Comentorise team will take the key stakeholders through a process to help:

  • Understand, challenge and reconcile personal and business objectives
  • Identify the range of available options (not ruling any out), helping stakeholders to “see the wood for the trees”
  • Understand the decision making process of the stakeholders and determine what might be holding the business back
  • Evaluate these options to enable and improve decision making (including using business modelling to show the consequences of decision making)
  • Assess the risk of making and not making decisions
  • Agree a commercial and pragmatic execution plan with clear accountabilities and manage this through to conclusion

Businesses that typically benefit from this service

  • Where the Board (or a funder) need an independent view of the business and strategy
  • Where a business needs to identify where its strategic premium lies
  • Where shareholders and/or Directors are not aligned in their vision
  • Where the lead entrepreneur or key shareholder wishes to exit either in full or part
  • Where exit strategies need to be considered and the “should I stay or should I sell” question needs answering, including consideration of the range of exit options e.g. full disposal, MBO, MBI, structured buy-out etc
  • Where a business model has become broken and needs reenergising
  • Where the business is subject to acquisition interest
  • Where management teams have become dysfunctional or have run out of energy